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Hello World. 

I like to do things properly whenever possible - if that makes me a perfectionist, ok. These tendencies sometimes make the people in our office a little crazy but they work to the benefit of every project we produce.


I started my career as a news editor at CNN in Atlanta where I learned a lot about television production and staying up late. Later I earned graduate degrees in education from Harvard and NYU where I studied media's impact on the human psyche. Then after more than a decade at NBC News in New York, I  left corporate media to lead an undergraduate film program in Pennsylvania.


Three eye-opening years in academia taught me about the challenges and possibilities of 21st Century education - and about staying up very late. Now I've found a way to combine my interests and experience in the creative world of educational media production.


I've been a songwriter most of my life and believe music is an essential part of good living. You may also be interested to know that I haven't owned a television since 1988 - and boy do I feel better.

                                                                 Scott Paul, PhD 


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